SMALL TALK: Speaking of the Weather

We are not weather forecasters at the radio station. We share the forecast that comes from the National Weather Service. If we get it wrong it’s because they got it wrong.

That being said…

When I recorded the weather forecasts for our group of stations on Thursday, I promised the listeners a hot, muggy, but rain-free several days. “There’s no mention of rain in the forecast at least until the middle of next week,” I said.

Now, technically, in order for something to be a “lie,” one has to know at the time that the statement being made is untrue.

Still, this is eastern Iowa/west central Illinois. One should never read a weather forecast with anything even modestly approaching a sense of certainty.

After promising a muggy but rain-free Friday, the Burlington area was beset Friday by a series of zesty little severe thunderstorms that set off the tornado sirens. Saturday wasn’t so bad, but then on Sunday another set of thunder boomers came through.

Therefore, from now on when you hear me reading a weather forecast on the radio, just assume I really do not have the slightest idea what is gonna happen from hour to hour, let alone from day to day.

It’s better for everyone that way.


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