Chris LaGrow

Join Chris LeGrow in the evening for your favorite Classic Rock Hits.

We asked Chris why he does what he does. His answer gave us a lot of insight on why he is the incredible night Jock we’ve grown to love…

Chris said:
“It all started on a Winter ride in 1968 on the back of a Harley-Davidson….for real. My Mom was pregnant with me and due on Christmas Day, but I was “becoming unbearable” so my Dad had the bright idea to hop on the Harley with her on the back and hit every bump he could find…it worked! I popped out 6 days early with headphones on and a microphone in my hand. Ok, well the last part is a bit of a stretch…well, I guess when you think about it, my arrival was too.

Anyway, I was brought up in and around Galesburg, Illinois my entire life and as far as I can remember, I was surrounded by music in the home. I was the neighborhood kid that always had his “jambox” with him and forcing the other kids in the hood to “check out this song”. Once I hit high school I found my calling doing summer “Djing” at Knox College in Galesburg. It was there I realized that I could actually make money “playing music”. After high school, it was off to radio school I went. I was lucky enough to get hired right out of college and have been with the same company ever since. A rarity in this business. I joined the airstaff of KQ92 nearly at its birth in 2000.

In my spare time, I serve as a Village Trustee in my town as well as the Fire Chief on our volunteer fire department… I have 2 grown kids whom I coached through softball and baseball all through their school years and I am a Bassett Hound fanatic and currently have 3 Basset girls that my wife and I replaced our kids with…wait, did that sound bad?

Since you are here, I hope you stay for a while and hang out with me after 7 each night Monday-Saturday. It’s just you and me kid…a place you can come to check out some killer Classic Rock and not be bombarded with the endless babble we are bombarded with in the world today…just great music and a good time.”

Thank you Chris for the great music AND the great time!

Chris’ Favorites….

Favorite Artists: KISS, Shinedown, Metallica, Rob Zombie.

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Tacos, and Spaghetti.

Favorite Pastimes: Hanging with the fam, Paranormal Investigating, Firefighting,

Favorite TV Shows: Sons of Anarchy (RIP), Paranormal Witness, The Universe, How The Earth Was Made, Paranormal State, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, UFO Files, Ancient Aliens and just about anything on the History Channel. FOOTBALL!

Favorite Concerts (in order): 1-KISS Revenge Tour in Cedar Rapids 2-Everytime I’ve seen Shinedown (6 so far) 3-Green Day American Idiot Tour in Moline 4-Nickelback All The Right Reasons Tour in Moline and 5-Ozzy and Rob Zombie in Moline (hard to narrow it down when you’ve seen hundreds of acts and shows)

Favorite Movies: Face-Off (huge Travolta and Cage fan), Gladiator (not a more macho movie made), The Blues Brothers, Airplane and any Chris Farley flick.