Giving Away Blues Tickets TODAY

Big Time Blues Night this Friday at Washington.

“Coming in hot with three uniquely talented Ace Players. We are delighted to host this special night where the talents of these individuals come together for a magical night. The night begins at 7:30pm with Gabe Stillman performing solo as a guitarist and singer. He was 2019 Gibson Guitar Award Recipient and 2022 BMA nominee. Tony Holiday and his band bring the cool sounds similar to the Black Keys with the soul vibe of Memphis, TN. Max Kaplan and the Magics share the passion of Southern Soul and East Coast Groove. The talent of these individuals will ignite the Music scene for decades to come. Experience the Artistry of these cats today. The Shape of Blues To Come.”
~David Hazel

Tickets given away in the 4 O’clock and 5 O’clock hours… Only on KQ92, your HOME of classic rock.